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Umbrellas Of The Acrobats

As the nomadic family's, century-old circus in Tamil Nādu faces an uncertain future, 9-year-old misfit Vijay grapples with a tough decision: preserve the fading legacy and reunite with his beloved pony or join his sister's quest for a better life outside the circus.

Supported by Let’s Doc, Docedge and the Docedge Lumiere Award
Directed by Mukesh Subramanium
Executive Producer Miriam Chandy Menacherry, Filament Pictures

Fair-Home Fairy-Tales

As a second generation war immigrant, Rachael MacBean, an octogenarian puppet artist recreates her mother’s perilous WWII trek from Burma to India from her memories. The tales of the displaced compel the filmmaker and the team to look at realities they live in modern India today.

Supported by IDFA-Bertha Fund, GMM, Alter Cine, Docedge, GFMI
Directed by Sourav Sarangi
Co Produced by Miriam Chandy Menacherry, Filament Pictures

Before The Feast 

As a relentless sea engulfs Kochi, one crop defies its salty grip. It is a year of tumultuous transitions, as Pokkali rice farmers Vincent and Vincy confront changed climate, and family, leading up to a family feast where a difficult decision awaits. The film examines to what extent we cling to our identities or adapt to endure uncertainties of the times.

Supported by Rohini Nilekani Foundation, Bitchitra Collective and Docedge
Directed by Rajani Mani
Co Produced by Miriam Chandy Menacherry, Filament Pictures

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